Hi there, fellow booklover!

In my blog Carrie’s Corner you can read all about the best books, inspiration for new book series to read and new authors to follow in my favorite bookgenre of all times “Urban Fantasy“. Let me share my personal bookexperience with you. I admit to being guilty of reading over 800 books – and counting. A girl has got to have a hobby, right?

This girl’s name is Carrie, a Dutch 29-year old with a bookfever in the Urban Fantasy corner. After reading all those amazing books I decided to share my knowledge with the rest of the world. By day I am a Corporate Recruiter, a mom and a wife. By night, well you now know ;-).

Please note that I appreciate all authors who invested their time and effort in writing Urban Fantasy Books, so thank you in advance! Please do not be discouraged by my sometimes brutally honest book reviews, I try to be honest and sincere to my fellow readers to help them pick out the best books.

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