Book Review: Bones and Bounties Series

It took me 2,5 hours to finish book one “Banshee Blues”. That is all the time it took to make me a fan of Bilinda Sheehan. Moreover I have not read many books about the Banshees species. Who would have thought they could be the number 1 when it comes to beating the “bad supernaturals” instead of Werewolves and Vampires (also included species in the series by the way).

Urban Fantasy Series

I love the sassy stubbornness of the protagonist Darcey Thorne, the last living Banshee. The Banshee in this book is the Harbinger of Death – known for her wail/cry/shriek. She finds herself in a whole lot of trouble with multiple characters and of course there are issues with the infamous mysterious Faery Court. In addition you get to know a few romance possibilities like a mysterious demon who shows up unannounced a couple of times, her Faery Court boss Lunn and others in the following books. And last but not least her twisted dark past with her previous lover Mannan – which will be revealed slowly throughout the books. The thing I like about this series is that it focuses more on the detective/ Private Investigator side than the romance side in books 1 and 2.

The only thing that annoyed me about book 3 in the Bones and Bounties series is the several men who all seem to be in love with her, I just want to yell “pick a dude already”! It almost becomes a reverse-harem-ish novel, but not really if that makes any sense at all. So yay(!) Bilinda for writing books 1 and 2, although I hate to admit that I was slightly disappointed with book 3.

Let’s end this review on a positive note. My short summary about the series: amazing urban fantasy world, lots of “tall, dark and handsome” material, sassy heroine protagonist, would have preferred love triangle over love-multi-angle(?), new angle with banshee species, very addictive writing style to read. I can’t wait to read more books by Sheehan.

Fans of Jennifer Estep and Patricia Briggs will love the writing style and fantasy world Bilinda created in her series.

Let me know what you think about this Book Series and leave a comment.

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