Book Review: Spell Weaver Series

Romance combined with Urban Fantasy in a new book series containing characters as spell weavers, nymphs, daemons (not demons) and the good old “Underworld versus Overworld”. And to tip it all of –> star-crossed lovers, what more could a girl ask for? Not much I can tell you thanks to the incredible talented Canadian writer Annette Marie.

I usually can’t put any other writers to my top ranking next to Richelle Mead, Jennifer Estep, Chrissy Peebles, WJ May – but color me pleasantly surpised with the addition of a new author called Annette Marie. Shame on me for not reading her work earlier.

Urban Fantasy Book Series

Spell Weaver Series – Annette Marie

Let’s start by commending her on a fantastic book cover that caught my attention when I was looking for some new Urban Fantasy reading material on Goodreads. Some writers have not yet understood the importance of a good book cover, but that’s a story for another time.

Our Main Character Clio, the illegitimate daughter of a nymph King, is stuck living with the humans on earth together with her bodyguard Kassia. Her half-brother Bastian arranged for her stay on earth, on orders of the King, due to the ongoing threat of the rival RA kingdom in the Overworld. The only visits she gets on earth are from her half-brother Bastian and his somewhat arrogant and snobby bodyguard Eryx.

It all starts with a new mission her brother gives her. To save the kingdom she must visit the Underworld where the most lethal Spell Weavers can give them access to the most dangerous magical spells in the world, so that hopefully her small kingdom back home in the Overworld can win the impending war. Not actually planning on paying for the spells, but creating replica’s is the strategy due to her special “mimic” ability creating an extra dangerous factor to the mission.

Meet Lyre, the rebelious super handsome blond incubus aka black sheep of the Hades family and Master Spell Weaver. Not surprisingly the two personalities hit it off, after a few chaotic incidents. Although Clio starts of as a “clumsy” personality who attracts chaos and mayhem, her character really evolves the longer you get to know her. That’s one of the things I like about the writing style of this Trilogy. In addition Lyre is painted as a failure among his brothers, but secretly hides some of his talents for the reader as well as his notorious family.

The writing is (again I know) incredibly done and even books 2 and 3 are evenly matched in entertainment skill and it certainly keeps you on your toes. Whereas some other books series where number 3 doesn’t really catch my attention any more like the Academy of Shifters Series by Marisa Claire.

I also noticed that some characters in the book could develop their own storyline, and call me pleasantly surprised to see that Annette Marie has a few other series that take place in the same world. I cannot wait to start reading her other Series Steel & Stone and The Guild Codex.

Let me know what you think about this Book Series and leave a comment.

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