Book Review : Academy of Shifters – Werewolves 101

Reading books in University / High School / Academy settings are one of my favorites most of the time, for example Mythos Academy or The Chronicles of Kerrigan. You can look up some of my favorites in my Top 15 Urban Fantasy Academy books. So when I found another Academy series called “Academy of Shifters: Werewolves 101 by Marisa Claire” I was super excited to start this new story. Unfortunately it didn’t meet my expectations. 

Urban Fantasy Book Series

Academy of Shifters: Werewolves 101 Book 1 by Marisa Claire

Let me start by saying I have mixed feelings about this book. After reading some reviews on Goodreads about Academy of Shifters saying the story was jarring and confusing but that they liked the overall storyline I was hesitant to start this series. But a good storyline sounds convincing enough to give the book a try, how bad can it be? It turns out the book is not very bad, it’s just not good enough. The reviews nailed their comment – a confusing book it is.

The storyline is good – a 17-year old girl named Remi St. James finds out that she is a gray werewolve. Remi has a troubled past and wants to start fresh at a human college. But the new Academy finds her in her first day at her new school and puts her in a mysterious new academy for shifters. At this academy she meets the most handsome boy ever and so the story develops.

You’ve got a magical academy – male hotness – a female sassy Main Character – the evil villain –> this should be a recipe for a fantastic new series. NOT.

I think what set me off on a negative spiral were the continuous flashbacks and fast changing scenes – reading the book felt like a tourist hop-on hop-off bus. I would have liked a bit more in depth knowledge about the characters and some more “rest” throughout the story, if that makes any sense. In addition I barely got to know anything about this new magical world  – what about other supernatural creatures? How does this world look like? And so on.

I still rated it 3 stars out of 5 on Goodreads – still not sure if it deserves the 3 stars. I just really want to like this series and it does have a good overall storyline. It just wasn’t for me. Hopefully this was just a lesser series from Marisa Claire, I’m still curious to see how her other books are – amazing or disappointing. Stay tuned!

Let me know what you think about this Book Series and leave a comment.

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