Book Review: Darkblood Academy Series

After my sour mood reading Academy of Shifters – Werewolves 101 I needed a new Academy series to lighten the mood during these tumultuous Corona times. G.K. DeRosa, another USA author I am not familiar with, provided me with the perfect distraction I needed, the Darkblood Academy Series. My my what a blast it was reading this series! Definitely a series I need to add to my Top 15 – Urban Fantasy Academy Books. Let me introduce you to the world of Angels – Demons – Fae – Shifters – Gargoyles – who unite at the Elite Darkhen Academy, and a wonderful Main Character named Luna.

Urban Fantasy Book

Be advised: this is a spin-off series of the Book Series Hitched, so I would advise you to read the Hitched Series by G.K. DeRose first.

Of course I didn’t read Hitched first (against the advise), because I am not a huge fan of the TV show “the bachelorette”. The teasing storyline about a woman who will mary one of the 25 hot bachelors and suddenly stumbles in the Supernatural world just didn’t trigger me enough to start reading the series. I did read Hitched after reading Darkblood Academy, because there were a few bits and pieces that kept you guessing over “what happend with Kimmie-Jane in the first 4 books of Hitched”? To settle my curiousity, I have to say I was surprised that I liked the series. So my real advise – read Hitched first ;-).

Luna is Kimmie-Jane’s half sister and starts her own adventures when attending the Elite school for Supernaturals called Darkhen Academy. She needs to keep her identity a secret, since her father Garrix is a super powerful warlock. Ryder, the martial arts instructor aka a very hot demon, is her protector throughout the series. Of course Luna is in trouble all the time, and her life is continuously in danger.

I don’t know why, but I was really afraid this would be a reverse harem story, but don’t worry it’s not! I really like the right amount of a love story versus supernatural mahyem versus struggles at attending an academy. G.K. DeRosa really captured the right amounts of each part in the series.

Are you looking for a good read? Academy setting? Troubling relationships? Longlasting friendships and of course a whole new supernatural setting? I can gladly recommend this series. Let me know what you think :-).

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