Book Review: The Vampire and Angel Wars Series

Again a new amazing book series written by G.K. DeRosa called “The Vampire and Angel Wars”. The previous series The Hybrid Trilogy was a good read as well. Again it features a female hero with unknown powers who’s sassy as hell and finds herself in romantic and supernatural trouble. Love triangle? Check. Sassy heroine with trouble written all over herself? Check. Interesting supernatural plot? Yah! I haven’t read a book that features a Vampire versus Angel war, most of the time it’s the Vampires against the Werewolves or the Angels versus the Demons or Faeries. All the ingredients are present, and this time DeRose managed to capture it perfectly in her magical wording. 

Urban Fantasy Book Review

The Vampire And Angel Wars

Our Main Character in the series is called Liv, who is 17 years old and together with her best friend and previous neighbour Asher she tries to survive in a world where Vampires and Angels declared war on themselves. And who got caught in the middle of it all? Right, humans. Her friend gets captured and that is the catalyst to it all. Her main goal is to rescue Asher from the dangerous Angel Tower. And that means accepting the help of a rather handsome and mysterious stranger Declan who carries a lot of secrets. What a great storyline!

The only thing that annoyed me were the fast growing relationships with for instance former FBI agent Parker, who suddenly “feels” like a long lost father – I had the idea that I missed the entire relationship evolving while I was reading other stuff? Very confusing. This happens with a few other characters she meets as well including in book number 2 and 3. Although I was happy Declan and Asher didn’t fall under this category – so I couldn’t stay mad at this hiccup for long. You get used to it.

All in all it was a great series to read and one of those book series that you just have to have read if you are into Urban Fantasy books. I rated it 5 stars on Goodreads.

Let me know what you think about this Book Series and leave a comment.

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