Book Review: The Obsidian Order Series

I would recommend book number 1 from The Obsidian Order Book Series for just a quick fun read in Urban Fantasy. Yes, you are reading it correctly, just that one book. The other books are not worth the trouble of reading. The only reason I ended up reading book number 2 and a part of number 3 was to satisfy my own curiousity in the plot reveals and to see if the books got better after a while. I am sorry Katerina Martinez, but the other books just didn’t get my Urban Fantasy heart pumping faster. This Book Series is a fast paced Urban Fantasy, a bit of romance, and lots of supernatural mayhem. But it is kind of a dark book with lots of annoying scenes, so please be warned.

Urban Fantasy Book ReviewLet me start with the amazing cover of the first book “Wings of Light” – it triggered my interest immediately. I didn’t even need to read the description to decide, I WANT TO READ THIS. 

The overall storyline is fun, the academy setting idea is awesome, the idea of a female headstrong lead is great, the world building was fantastic, but those are just ideas. The  execution just doesn’t work for me.

Seline, our Main Character, gets kidnapped and is forced to attend the Obsidian Order Academy or she’ll die. Most supernaturals are from another dimension, but because of certain rifts they end up on earth (earth does have native supernaturals like vampires).

The sassy dialogues I usually love in these cases of bad boy versus heroine are just downright annoying in this Book Series. Draven seems darker than I want him to be in a condescending way, the MC Seline is just immature and annoying. Furthermore the plot is a bit of a chaos and SUDDENLY our MC survived the first year? It just doesn’t add up.

Let me finish with the note that there are lots of good scenes in book number 1, therefore the 3-star rating on Goodreads. In addition I really want to read “The Wardbreaker”, this new Book Series sounds promising and I cannot wait to give it a try.

Let me know what you think about this Book Series and leave a comment.

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