Book Review: Cursed Prince

“Cursed Prince”, the first book in the new series from writers duo C.N. Crawford (top 10 author in my list) called Night Elves Trilogy, what a blast it was to read this new story “In The Demons Of Fire And Night World”. I bought the book in Paperback instead of an epub file on my Kobo E-reader, a gift for myself and I loved every minute of it. C.N. Crawford takes us into a world of the Elves featuring a hot mysterious prisoner with lots of power who hasn’t felt love or affection in a thousand years and a sassy Chief Assassin who hasn’t seen the sunlight since she was born and is destined to save her race. My o my. If you like a multi-viewpoint novel writing style / slow-burning romance / star-crossed love / an amazing urban fantasy world and a strong sassy female lead this book should be on your “want to read” list. 

Urban Fantasy Book Review Cursed Prince

Paperback Cursed Prince with a cup of Tea

Let me start with the amazing cover that made me want to read this book instantly.

The chemistry between the two main characters Marroc and Ali is great, the magical world building awesome and the character descriptions flawless.

The only thing I worried about was the fact that the hot mysterious prisoner Marroc could not speak throughout most of the book, so I was wondering how that would work out in the dialogues between Ali and Marroc. It turned out just fine, but I was glad he got his voice back at the end. I believe it helps that C.N. Crawford writes a multi-viewpoint novel where we see Marroc’s perspective in one chapter and Allie’s perspective in other chapters.

I like the fact that Marroc is very protective of Ali even though he doesn’t seem to want to admit it to himself. Even with the no-voice issue, the two characters banter a lot and it really is therapy for your cheek muscles, I couldn’t keep smiling! I just wished Marroc would keep is dark hair color, but if that is the only thing that bothered me you don’t hear me complaining.

I can’t wait for book 2 “Ruined King” to be published in September 2020.

Let me know what you think about this Book Series and leave a comment.



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