Book Review: Siren Calls by Jade Frances

I was privileged to receive an ARC version of Siren Calls via StoryOrigin. I really like the beginning of Siren Calls, such a promising start for a new magical story. And can we talk about the cover? That was such a great trigger for an Urban Fantasy lover like myself who enjoys a strong heroine with magical powers. But the story is too fast-paced, so much so that I couldn’t take the relationships between the characters and the revelation of her supernatural powers seriously. I am saddened to write that I did not like this book.

Advanced Reader Copy – Siren Calls

I believe part of the problem in this book is the introduction of the many new characters with very important roles that form bonds really quick (like in one page from stranger to BFF) that makes it shallow. In addition to the seemingly played “ignorance” role Evangeline seems to take on, which feels fake to me.

The drama in combination with the cheesy lines were too over the top in relation to the shallow relationships that were formed.

Best friends who know each other shortly are having an almost Romeo / Juliet scene which felt over the top, a supernatural guide who feels like a mother to the MC when they know each other 4 days. It made me sceptic and I felt annoyed through the first 100 pages.

But Siren Calls starts to get interesting (somewhere around page number 100) when Adam and Darrel come together with Evangeline – that I did like. Unfortunately the story introduces yet another set of characters, which means a total of 3 boys vying for the MC’s attention. And she flirts back with all of them. I don’t know if it is ignorance from the character or wanting to be “wanted”, but it annoys me.

Also the plot twists are not really a secret, since you already know the secrets that Evangeline is VERY slowly trying to work out in her mind. Again annoying.

Siren Calls will be published on August 18 2020.

Since this is my first ARC book, I really wanted to write a glowing recommendation. Unfortunately that was not the case. I do see potential with this author if you look at the global storyline of the book and the fantasy world she has created. I certainly will give Jade Frances a second chance and wish her the best of luck with her writing career!

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