Book Series Review: Chicagoland Vampires Novels by Chloe Neill

I cannot believe it took me 2 years before I read the Chicagoland Vampires Series for the second time. Shame on me. This fantastic Urban Fantasy Book Series by Chloe Neill was published in 2009 and contains 13 books in the series. If you are a fan of Annette Marie, Richelle Mead, C.N. Crawford, Linsey Hall or Jennifer Estep you are going to love Chloe Neill. She is THAT good. As the title already reveals this is a book series about Vampires, but you’ll get introduced to a whole supernatural world filled with shifters, sorcerers, fairies and other supernatural beings in the city of Chicago in the USA. If you enjoy a story about Fangs, drama, great friendships, lots of sarcasm, hot male characters that jump out of the pages (just kidding, I just wish that was true) and lots of delicious sexual tension wrapped in a slow burning romance package? Start reading girlfriend.  

The Main Character Merit is just awesome and a kick-ass heroine who is 27-years old with an even more awesome best friend Mallory who has some magical exploring to do of her own. Don’t get me started on “Darth Sullivan”, epic nickname by the way, who is mysterious and seems to push the right and the wrong buttons of the MC.

In many books I get annoyed by the overly immature and obvious mistakes of the MC, but not in this series. Merit comes across as honest, fair, a bit nerdy, with a fastfood and chocolate addiction and a whole sarcastic arsenal in her vocabulary to annoy her Liege. She also matures throughout the series which is awesome.

And can we talk about World Building? Ms. Neill has got that magical writing style where you can instantly imagine what the environment looks like. The apartment, the vampire houses, the secret HQ of her grandfather. Awesome.

Okay just one last thing to cover – the supernatural backstory, the history of the vampires and shifters, the amount of details and “linking pins”? That takes some serious skill. I am impressed. I can’t stop gushing about how great this series is, sorry not sorry.

My advice? Start reading the first book “Some Girls Bite” and see for yourself if my praise measures up.

PS I may or may not have ordered the first 8 books in paperback on Amazon just so that I can give the books to my daughter once she is old enough. Please don’t tell my husband ;-).

Reading Order
1. Some Girls Bite
2. Friday Night Bites
3. Twice Bitten
4. Hard Bitten
5. Drink Deep
6. Biting Cold
7. House Rules
8. Biting Bad
8.A. High Stakes (Luc & Lindsey Short Story)
8.B. Howling For You (Jeff & Fallon Novella)
9. Wild Things
10. Blood Games
10.A. Lucky Break (Ethan & Merit Novella)
11. Dark Debt
12. Midnight Marked
12.A. Phantom Kiss (Ethan & Merit Novella)
13. Blade Bound
13.A. Slaying It (Ethan & Merit Novella)

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