Book Review: Warmth by Liv Miles

It took me an hour to read this paranormal romance novella written by Liv Miles. If you like a quick cute supernatural romance read with not much depth you are in for a nice novella. It just was a bit too simple for my liking.

The MC is 20 years old and a fire witch (which is so awesome), but she has not embraced her powers and is more afraid of them than willing to learn how to control and master her power. That annoys me. Furthermore the romance interests seem a bit shallow – they talk about good looking and handsome / pretty but not really about the personality traits that attract them. Like I said a bit shallow.

That last part sounds really negative, but that is not the overall vibe I got from reading the book. It is just a novella, there cannot be that much depth and it is a fun read with a creative storyline. Just not that great for me :-).

I’m curious to see if she is going to write another supernatural bookseries, I would love to give it another shot! I think this book is a start of a promising new book series to come.

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