Book review: Burn For You by Sapphire Winters

Let me start with the fact that I love the cover from “Burn For You” featuring a very powerful and strong looking female with a touch of magic. Awesome! Unfortunately that was one of the only things I liked about the book.

The storyline sounded promising about a Phoenix shifter called Mia Cruse who has no memory about her past life and suddenly finds herself in a disturbing predicament with an unknown hot guy who saves her. A slow burning paranormal romance in the making! However when I actually started to read the book, the lines felt very “robotic” to me with no real genuine emotions. It is difficult to explain, but it felt like looking at a film made by a teenager where (very awkwardly) is explained -> “and now this happened” “and now I feel like this”. It felt very detached. Like a staccato music piece.

In addition I was irritated by the editing issues – lots of missing words that could be easily added had someone put the effort into it and that says a lot coming from a native Dutch speaker. I finished this book within the hour – a short novella. Still 2 stars for the amazing cover and creative storyline – I mean who doesn’t love a good shifter story?!

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