Top 15 – Urban Fantasy Academy Books

I love it when I start reading a new book and I find out the fantasy world takes place in a High School or University for supernaturals. If it isn’t obvious already, I hereby introduce you to my guilty pleasure -> Urban Fantasy Academy Books. Hereby a list of books I liked the most. I almost want to finish with the sentence “xoxo Gossip Girl”, but that is not urban fantasy ;-).

For fans of the Vampire Diaries / Legacies / Vampire Academy.

Please note that I have written down the name of the series, the first book in the series might have a different name.

Top 15 Urban Fantasy Academy Books

  1. The Chronicles of Kerrigan – WJ May
  2. The Kerrigan Kids – WJ May
  3. Mythos Academy – Jennifer Estep
  4. Vampire Academy – Richelle Mead
  5. The Crush Saga – Chrissy Peebles
  6. Creepy Hollow – Rachel Morgan
  7. Goddess Series – M.W. Muse
  8. The Dark Elite – Chloe Neill
  9. Talisman – Brenda Pandos
  10. Mosaic Chronicles – Andrea Pearson
  11. The Assassin Trilogy – Lynnie Purcell
  12. The Vampire Journals – Morgan Rice
  13. Bonfire Academy – Imogen Rose
  14. Bonfire Chronicles Series – Imogen Rose
  15. Bloodlines Series – J.D. Thompson

If you like these books check out my other blog post about my Top 10 – Urban Fantasy Authors for some new inspiration.


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