Book Review: The Guild Codex Demonized Series

O. My. Word. The Guild Codex Demonized Series written by my favorite Canadian Author Annette Marie are awesome. If you started reading The Guild Codex Spellbound, you will definitely want to read the Demonized book series. I love the Main Character Robin and her dangerous handsome Demon, the chemistry is great and again the supernatural plot writing is amazing. Every book I read in this series keeps me wanting for more. With no doubt in my mind I rate this entire Book Series 5 stars, even though I haven’t read book number 3 and 4 yet.   

Important Note: the reading order might get confusing with the other Guild Codex series called “The Guild Codex Spellbound” interwoven in this series. So I advise you to stick to the reading order as written down at the end of this book series review.

Urban Fantasy Book Series Review

First of all I love urban fantasy book series about magic Guilds and that in combination with a shy good hearted MC and good looking demon? Hell yeah! The story is really well written, good character descriptions and enough magical action to keep you on your toes. In addition I can relate more with the MC Robin, than with Spellbound’s MC Tori. Robin is shy, curious, a bookwurm, and badass when the situation calls for it.

And what about that mysterious hot demon that she made a pact with? Is he bad or is he good? You really want him to be “secretly good” but that remains to be seen throughout this series. I really hope this slow-burning romance road will soon find its momentum, because I am starving for some star-crossed lover revelation. YES dear reader, even though he has a tail. Get over it. Annette won me over on that part.

Book 1 called “Taming Demons for Beginners” starts with explaining how Robin ends up living with her evil uncle, who we don’t trust for even a second. I love the rebellious part of the character, even though she is described as shy. Mystery combined with the sassy dialogues between the demon and Robin – o my, that got me laughing out loud a couple of times. The story has amazing plots, great sense of the supernatural setting and what amound of character background is sufficient. You can easily picture the book like a movie that’s playing in your mind – that’s how fluent the writing in these books is. And important for a Book Series -> it leaves you wanting more! 5-star rating on Goodreads without a doubt.

Book 2 called “Slaying Monsters for the Feeble” gets the same 5-star rating as book number 1, which is not a given in Book Series. I was afraid to be disappointed in book number 2, since I did not like the second book in the Spellbound Series. But I quickly forgot my hesitancy when I started to read the book. LOVED. IT. Let me start of by the character development between Zylas and Robin. I just can’t get enough of them. And can I just say that again Annette has a gift for plotwriting? It has so many interesting twists and turns that you want to figure it before the MC finds out and has got you “Nancy-Drewing” all over the place.

I finished reading book 3 in the end of may called “Hunting Fiends for the Ill-Equipped” after I wrote this review. And let me say that I got sucked into the story within the first few pages, without having to read a summary beforehand to see “what was this book about again?” In my opinion the slow burning romance aspect is very slow in this series, but it keeps you on your toes. I mean can we get a visual of those demon abs? I feel like I’m missing out on Robin. The chemistry is off the charts and the world building fenominal. You keep guessing the answers behind the mysteries, and want to find out more about Tori and Ezra from the other series at the same time. I like how it’s interwoven without it becoming a hindrance or annoyance. Keep up the good work Annette Marie, 5 stars on Goodreads from me.

I cannot wait to read book 4. I will add my review about the final book in the Demonized series when I have finished reading. I’ll keep you posted.

Readers who love a good Young Adult Urban Fantasy book featuring slow-burning romance and unexpected heroines -> enjoy your reading! I can highly recommend this series. Although if you want to find out everything about Zylas and Robin you should really read the Spellbound series as well to get some glimpses of them from Tori’s perspective.

Let me know what you think about this Book Series and leave a comment.

FYI: I have reviewed the Spellbound series in a different Book Review Article

Reading order Guild Codex Universe

  1. Three Mages and a Margerita – Spellbound Series
  2. Dark Arts and a Daiquiri – Spellbound Series
  3. Two Witches and a Whiskey – Spellbound Series
  4. Demon Magic and a Martini – Spellbound Series
  5. Taming Demons for Beginners – Demonized Series
  6. The Alchemist and an Amaretto – Spellbound Series
  7. Slaying Monsters for the Feeble – Demonized Series
  8. Druid Vices and a Vodka – Spellbound Series
  9. Hunting Fiends for the Ill-Equipped – Demonized Series
  10. Lost Talismans and a Tequila – Spellbound Series (not published yet – 2020 expected)
  11. Delivering Evil for Experts – Demonized Series (not published yet – 2020 expected – final installment)
  12. Damned Souls and a Sangria – Spellbound Series (not published yet – 2020 expected – final installment)

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