Book Review: Dragon School Series

In 2017 Sarah K.L. Wilson publishes her first book in the Dragon School Series called “First Flight” about the journey of a 16-year old girl called Amel with a crippled leg who manages to become a very special dragon rider. I love the fact that the heroine in this YA Urban Fantasy story is disabled, the struggles she faces and the author still manages to write a book where the disability doesn’t matter and everyone (wether you have a disability or not) can relate to the Main Character. If you love reading about Dragons / Academy settings / Young Adult writing style / Short books (novellas) / Some romance / First person story telling -> then I would recommend reading the Dragon School Series for a quick fun read.

Even though I am already 29-years old, I still love to read YA (urban) fantasy books – although this book is more leaning toward the overall fantasy section. In addition I found it intriguing to read the thoughts or communication from the dragon to Amel as well.

This book series contains a total of 20 novellas (mostly 100 pages each), but I quit reading after book 6 “Dusk Covenant”. I was looking for some new stories to keep my time occupied. I give book 1 to 5 a solid 5 stars and the latter book 6 a 4-star rating. I kind of new where it was heading, although the writer kept some surprises in the storyline.

After the first few books the setting changes from an academy setting into a different world with other Magical beings due to the apprenticeship that goes with the responsibilities of riding a purple dragon.

Although I stopped reading the Dragon School Series, I still am planning to pick up book number 7 “First Message” in the near future. To be continued.

Let me know what you think about this Book Series and leave a comment.

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